Covers & Kits

Upgrade your Barney Bed with our selection of covers: the Bouclé cover adds a luxurious touch, the Golden Teddy cover is a vintage dream. Spare Covers are perfect for interchanging during washes and extending the life of the bed, and the Waterproofing Kit protects the memory foam in case of accidents.

  • Barney Bouclé Covers

    The Barney Bouclé Cover adds the ultimate luxury to your dog’s Barney Bed without compromising on comfort and orthopedic support.
  • Golden Teddy Covers

    Combining retro colour and texture, our Golden Teddy is the perfect 70s vintage dream.
  • Barneycles Towel Covers

    The world’s first ever [wet dog] - drying dog bed! Featuring a super absorbent and funky shaggy outer layer to soak up all the moisture away from your dog’s skin and an inner microfiber towel lining to keep the Barney Bed dry.