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Overall: 79" x 52"
Internal: 63" x 36"


The EPIC XXL is the largest dog bed in the world, we called it the EPIC because it’s size is truly colossal!

We designed this bed after hearing stories of Great Dane and other large breed owners resorting to using human mattresses because there weren’t dog beds big enough. We took on the challenge of creating the world's largest and most comfortable dog bed to provide orthopaedic support your gentle giants. It is the only bed to allow a Great Dane to be fully stretched out whilst having the support of a memory foam headrest.
We didn’t just make the EPIC Barney Bed with giant breeds in mind…if you’re anything like us and enjoy watching TV with your dog you can comfortably lay next to your best friend and snuggle up (if you’re allowed).

Forget searching the internet for a comparable bed, there isn’t one! We know because we did the searching for you. We went through all the bad reviews the other dog beds had and solved them with the Barney Bed. No other bed matches the Barney Bed in quality, comfort, style and durability.

Unmatched comfort - orthopaedic memory foam mattress base to relieve pressure off your dog’s joints and body for the ultimate relaxation and sleep.

It’s a protective den - the four boulders are made from high density memory foam which provide the comfiest chin rests or a den to snuggle in.

Beautifully designed - never loses its’ shape and structure with a lush microfibre neutral grey cover which blends in with any interior.

Water and dust mite resistance - a water resistant lining containing microfilaments protects the interior of the bed from spills and dust mites.

Built to last - Your dog will have this bed for a long time the Barney Bed will always keep it’s shape and never sag. The tightly-woven bonded microfiber cover is 2x thicker than other dog bed covers to resist scratching and pawing.


Easy to clean - The Barney Bed is machine-washable so you don’t have worry about your dog getting it dirty. You never have to throw out a dirty dog bed again!

No assembly required - Just unbox and watch it rise. Ready to use straight away.

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Measure your dog from nose to base of tail to get the best indication of size.



This video shows the unboxing and setup of the Barney Bed.


This video shows how to remove and wash covers then re-assemble the Barney Bed.