Frequently Asked Questions

Need further information before you purchase? We have pretty much everything answered below, if not you can always ask our friendly customer service staff in the live chat (bottom right corner of the page).

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When will my order ship?

Once you place your order, all items that are in stock are dispatched within 1 to 2 business days. Any order placed over the weekend will be processed the following Monday (or if Monday is a holiday, the next business day).

How long will my order take to arrive?

Once shipped, generally our products take 2-4 business days to arrive. Please note, regional, rural and international destinations may take longer.

Is shipping free?

Yes, we offer free shipping within the USA! We offer low rate international shipping fees to Canada & Mexico. Please allow extra time for international customs clearance. Please keep in mind duties and taxes may apply for international orders upon arrival. Duties and taxes are not covered by Barney Bed.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we sure do! We ship to Canada and Mexico with low rates. Shipping rates are calculated at checkout. Please keep in mind duties and taxes may apply for international orders upon arrival. If you are an international customer, we are also in Australia & NZ and UK & Europe regions.

How do you ship?

We use UPS & FedEx to ship all of our orders.

How do I track my order?

During checkout, you will have the option to opt-in to tracking text alerts. A tracking number will also be sent to your email address once your order has been dispatched.

Do you ship to P.O. boxes or APO/FPO addresses?

At this time we are unable to ship to P.O Boxes or APO/FPO addresses.

Returns & Exchanges

How can I return an item?

If you have received your Barney Bed and have not opened the vacuum seal, you will be eligible for a return or an exchange of size. Returns must be requested within 14 days of the purchase date. Barney Beds must be unopened for a return or a refund. Covers, blankets and linings must be unused to be eligible for a return. If you satisfy these conditions and wish to return your item/s, please contact our friendly team on our live chat or for return details. Shipping back to the Barney Bed warehouse will be at the customer’s expense.

Once your return is received we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. Upon inspection, if the item is in unused condition we will process your refund to your original method of payment. 

If you have received an item with a manufacturing defect please get in touch with us as soon as possible with photos of the defect and we will inform you on how to proceed.

Please allow 10 business days for your refund to show up on your statement. If you haven’t received your approved refund after 10 business days of us notifying you of the return item receipt, please contact us at on our live chat or

Can I return once opened?

Barney Bed does not accept returns if the bed vacuum seal has been opened for hygiene reasons and the fact that it is impossible to re-package once expanded. If you are still in doubt about the size and have received your delivery, please do not open the bed and contact our team at we can arrange a return as long as the bed is still vacuum sealed.

Can I retroactively apply a discount to my order after purchase?

Unfortunately, we are unable to apply any discounts or sales to orders that were made before the start of the promotion


Do you offer a warranty?

Barney Bed offers a 12 month limited warranty for manufacturing defects only. We also offer a 3 year warranty against memory foam sagging.
This limited warranty applies to defects due to faulty workmanship or materials. Barney Bed will not be responsible for any damages resulting from not following the care instructions. If you receive an item with a defect please get in touch with us on our live chat or and we will happily replace the item or provide you with a refund.
Our warranty does not cover the following:
- Normal wear and tear as a result of washing and intended use.
- And damages caused by rough dog use. This includes but is not limited to: Bites, rips, burns, tears, excessive scratching, stains and liquid/moisture damage- (unless the waterproof lining kit was used.)
- Damage caused by commercial use, such as in a hotel or store.
- Damage caused by putting the cover over another dog bed that is not the Barney Bed. Using them on non-compatible beds may result in stretching or ill-fitting covers.

How do I submit a claim?

If you have received a new Barney Bed or any of our covers in less than perfect condition or experienced an issue during the warranty period, please email us at to submit a claim. Please include your order number and pictures of the defect so that we may quickly assist you.

About the Barney Bed

Why the Barney Bed?

We created the Barney Bed for our beloved Samoyed named Barney in 2019. We weren’t happy with the lack of good quality, supportive dog beds that were also insta-worthy and super easy to clean. The Barney Bed really is unlike any dog bed you have experienced before. It is a super solid structure that you and your dog will enjoy for many years to come.

We set out to create and design a dog bed that ticked all the boxes!

We wanted a bed that is…

- Supportive to aging joints
- Chin Rests for furry chins to rest on
- Easy to clean. Just zip off the cover and machine wash
- Long-lasting
- Super comfy - you will want to sleep on it
- No assembly is required
- Looks beautiful at home
- The cover had to be EASY to remove and wash because we didn’t ever want to contemplate throwing out a dirty dog bed again.

What is the bed made from?

The bolsters are made from 100% high-density memory foam for comfortable and supportive chin rests that are backed by our 3-Year No-Sag Guarantee. Our memory foam is free of harmful chemicals and contains no formaldehyde.

The base mattress is made up of a structural foam base core topped with a thick layer of premium high-density memory foam that adapts to your dog's body without sinking. The foam core keeps your dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer so they won’t overheat.

Each memory foam piece is individually encased in a water-resistant lining to protect the bed's interior from moisture and dust mites.

The original Barney Bed gray cover is one of a kind and was made especially for the Barney Bed. It is a tightly woven bonded microfiber cover that is 3x thicker than other dog bed covers. Spot cleaning stains off the cover is a dream and most of our customers say their cover looks brand new after every wash. It really is a magical fabric.

What’s so special about the Barney Bed Chin Rests?

Dogs love propping their chins up while resting. It allows them to keep an eye on things while resting. The Barney Bed Chin Rests are the perfect height for your dog to do that comfortably while maintaining proper spine alignment. The Chin Rests are made from one-piece structures unlike many other dog beds that use shredded foam to fill their beds.

Can I place my Barney Bed directly onto the floor?

If you have tiles or wooden flooring, we always recommend that you regularly clean and dry underneath the bed to prevent any condensation occurring. Your dog’s body heat on the cold floor can cause moisture if left for long periods of time. We recommend placing your Barney Bed on a rug to insulate it from the cold flooring.

Is the Barney Bed waterproof?

No, the bed on its own is not waterproof. Your Barney Bed comes with a water-resistant only. The water-resistant lining is intended for normal indoor use with dogs who are potty trained and do not experience incontinence. This is usually sufficient to guard against light spills, moisture, dust mites and odors. However we have created extra protection for your Barney Bed with the Waterproof Lining Kit which you can purchase separately. It is an excellent choice for aging dogs, light outdoor use and accident-prone pups. It will fully waterproof your Barney Bed. Please ensure the zips of your waterproof lining kit are facing downwards once fitted. You can purchase our Waterproof lining Kit here.

I just received the bed, why is it flat?

It is totally normal for your Barney Bed to arrive flat as it is vacuum sealed. Please allow 4 days for it to fully plump up and look like photos online. Your dog can use it right away and it will not affect the inflation process. See the unboxing video here.

Is there a non-skid base?

Yes, the Barney Bed has a non-skid base and given its solid structure, it is quite heavy for a dog to move. This means the Barney Bed will never slip or move when your dog steps into the bed to rest. It is crucial for dogs to have that stability when getting in and out of their bed. Especially if they suffer from joint pain.

Is the Barney Bed indestructible?

No, the Barney Bed is not indestructible. Although very durable, the Barney Bed is still no match for overly aggressive dog use. This includes but is not limited to biting, ripping, and excessive scratching. We do not cover any damages caused by any use of the bed other than sleeping and lounging.

Will my dog overheat?

We designed the Barney Bed to allow airflow around your dog’s body. This was achieved by creating a base that supports your dog's body weight and does not sink with it.

What size bed should I get?

The size of the bed you need will depend on the length of your dog. The best way to determine the right size is to measure your dog from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail; this is the minimum length the bed needs for your dog to stretch out.

We have also included a size guide on the dog bed product pages that can give additional information on bed sizing. We also have a list of breeds and recommended sizes based on customer feedback. Please note this is a guide only and the most accurate way to choose your size is to measure your dog and the space you have at home for the bed. You can also contact us anytime for tailored advice about your dog. We can show you images of similar breeds in different sizes so you can be sure you’ve selected the correct size.  If you are still unsure about the size once your bed arrives, please do not open the bed and contact us on live chat for assistance.

What are the benefits of a memory foam dog bed?

Memory foam dog bed benefits include everything from increased comfort when your dog lays down for a rest to support and cleanliness to keep your four-legged friend happier and healthier.

  • Motion isolation. This means the memory foam absorbs movement, so your dog doesn't feel as many of the physical effects of a disrupted sleep. Dogs with joint pain often toss and turn during the night as they try to get comfortable. A firm memory foam base to absorb such movement will help your dog sleep soundly.
  • Pressure point support. Pressure points are parts of your dog's body that may feel uncomfortable when your dog lies down to sleep. These points are found in body parts that tend to carry a lot of pressure, like hips and knees. High-quality memory foam has the perfect amount of firmness to push up against and support these pressure points and provide much needed relief.
  • Reduced allergens. Memory foam has a dense cellular structure that makes it almost impossible for dust mites to burrow in. This is an important feature to have in a dog bed, as where your pet sleeps can often be a breeding ground for all types of microscopic critters.
  • Body contouring. Memory foam dog bed mattresses contour to your dog's body. Your dog’s body heat softens the memory foam, causing it to contour to the correct shape and provide the comfiest sleep.
  • Pain point relief. Pain points usually emit a higher temperature than the rest of the body. Memory foam dog beds have a heat-response quality that warms pain points to provide much needed relief.

Is an orthopedic bed only good for senior dogs?

An orthopedic memory foam bed is great for dogs of all ages! It is never too early to care for your dog’s joints and orthopedic alignment. It is recommended to provide your dog with full support from a young age to prolong joint health. If your dog is in their senior years, the Barney Bed will provide maximum comfort for frail joints and support your dog when getting in and out of the bed without any added pressure on their joints.

Are your beds orthopedic or memory foam?

Both! Orthopedic means that the bed or mattress is designed to support the bones and joints, and to alleviate pain. Our memory foam dog beds are considered orthopedic as the pressure-relieving memory foam base will help support a dog's bones and joints.

How thick is the memory foam in the Barney Bed?

Our Barney Bed has a memory foam base that measures approximately 6 inches thick. Please see our product pages for diagrams and measurements of each Barney Bed size.

Is the Barney Bed heavy enough so that it can't be dragged around?

The Barney Bed is quite heavy with high bolstered sides and a non-skid base, which makes it extremely difficult for a dog to get a good grip on it to drag it around the house.

I have a tiny chihuahua who loves to be snuggled up, but I think your smallest bed is too big?

The small Barney Bed measures 25” x 21” which will fit a fully stretched out Chihuahua while giving them room to root around and find their perfect spot. You can consider adding a small blanket or pillow to help give them something to nuzzle their extra small noses into.

About the Barney Covers

Is the cover waterproof?

No, our covers are not waterproof as we designed them to be as comfy and soft as possible and waterproof materials are not often comfy to the touch. We have, however, designed the covers to be super easy to remove and wash whenever needed. We created the Waterproof lining Kit which you can fit over the interior of your Barney Bed- just like your own mattress protector, which will fully protect your Barney Bed from water/pee accidents.

Are there any other colors?

The Barney Bed is sold in its original gray cover. Any additional covers are sold separately. Currently, additional covers are available in Jet Black (microfiber), and a creamy, neutral Bouclé (which is a loopy yarn fabric with a soft, cloud-like appearance). Please remove the gray cover to fit your Jet black or Boucle cover on your bed. 

Many more colors and luxurious fabrics are set to be released in the US in the coming months.

Follow us on Instagram to see the latest Aussie styles and request your favorites to drop in the US!

I already have a bed. Do you sell just the covers?

Yes! Please choose the same size cover as your Original Barney Bed. Our covers are specifically designed to only fit the Barney Bed. You can check your bed size on the tag inside your cover or if you have any questions about the bed size you ordered, please send an email to and we’ll be happy to look up your order.

What is the Bouclé cover made from?

The Barney Bouclé is made of a loopy yarn fabric sourced from Denmark and perfectly tailored for your Barney Bed. French for ‘curl’ or ‘loop’, bouclé is characterized by its nubby, almost fleecy appearance. Our bouclé fabric is made from wool fibers.

Light hair/fur is not as visible against the cream Barney Bouclé. Dark hair/fur will be visible but it can be vacuumed. Please note that dark fur may get caught in the little loops and will need more concentrated vacuuming.

Although the Barney Bouclé is strong and reinforced with a backing we do not recommend it for dogs that bite and heavily scratch their bed. Barney Bouclé will withstand light scratches only. Heavy scratching can ruin the looping of the fabric.

I fit the boucle cover on my bed, why doesn’t look fitted like the photos online?

This is because your gray cover needs to be fully removed and the memory foam inserts need to be inserted into the boucle cover. The boucle cover is a replacement for the gray cover and is not intended to be fitted over the gray cover. Please watch this video for step by step instructions.

I fit the Jet Black cover on my bed, why doesn’t look fitted like the photos online?

This is because your gray cover needs to be fully removed and the memory foam inserts need to be inserted into the jet black cover. The jet black cover is a replacement for the gray cover and is not intended to be fitted over the gray cover. Please watch this video for step by step instructions.

Care & Washing

How do I wash the Barney Bed?

We designed the Barney Bed with practicality in mind. Let's face it, hygiene is not high on our dog’s list of priorities so we created a bed that is easy to wash. There is no need to wash the whole bed, simply zip off the cover and machine wash on a warm gentle cycle. The inner lining can simply be wiped clean as needed. The cover air dries super quickly in 2 hours. You can also spot clean stains off the cover if you are not ready to commit to washing it.

See our Care & Washing page for more information and videos.

Can the memory foam be washed?

No, we strongly advise against washing the memory foam. Simply machine wash the Barney Bed cover and wipe down the inner linings with a wet cloth and mild detergent.

Can the Barney Bed be vacuumed?

Yes, absolutely! If you want an even better resultFurfyit! The Furfy works on static and does an amazing job at collecting all the fluffs without the need for a vacuum

Can I bleach the cover?

No. Please only wash your Barney Bed cover on a warm machine wash with mild detergent and hang to dry.

Can I tumble dry the cover?

No. Please only hang to dry inside out. The cover dries super quickly within two hours.

What happens if my dog eats part of the bed?

We conscientiously designed our Barney Bed with completely innocuous materials to keep your dogs safe. Although our foam passes safety tests and does not contain formaldehyde, it is not intended to be eaten. We have never heard of any of our customers ingesting any part of the bed. Please contact your vet if you suspect your dog has ingested any of the foam. The foam may cause intestinal blockages which could be harmful to your dog. 

How do I wash the microfiber cover?

Machine wash warm with mild detergent. Do not use bleach or any harsh chemicals. Wash with similar colors. Air dry inside out. Do not tumble dry. See ourCare & Washing page for information.

How do I wash the boucle cover?

Machine wash warm with mild detergent. Do not use bleach or any harsh chemicals. Wash with similar colors. Air dry inside out. Do not tumble dry.

To change your cover for the Barney Bouclé Cover please follow the very same instructions as the removal and assembly for washing of the standard cover. See our Care & Washing page

Our Company

Do you work with shelters, rescues, and other pet-related organizations?

Barney Bed supports an animal shelter in Damascus, Syria called SARA. SARA cares for over 1000 dogs, 200 cats in addition to injured donkeys, falcons and provides food for wild hyenas. Our founder Julia has visited the shelter and met with Annie the shelter owner and saw first hand the care and love Annie provides these abandoned creatures. Please check out our instagram page for videos on her visit.

How do I contact Barney Bed customer service?

The fastest way to reach us is to use the chat system (in the bottom left corner of the screen). You may also call 1-888-664-3124. A live, US-based customer support representative is available by chat and phone from 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM Monday-Friday PST.

You can also email us anytime at All inquiries will be responded to within 1-2 business days.

Do you work with wholesale partners?

For information about our wholesale shipping rates, please contact

Is Barney Bed an Australian company?

Yes, and we’re incorporated in the US as well! The Barney Bed was originally designed and developed in Australia. We have since expanded to the UK and North America.

The logistics of shipping heavy items makes it impractical to ship to countries without a Barney Bed warehouse nearby. This is why we have been dedicated to securing not one, but two warehouses for the United States, one on each coast. This allows us to offer free two-day shipping to most of the contiguous US and Canada. Our products are shipped from Australia to our US warehouses so you don’t have to worry about customs. We employ US-based shipping, customer service personnel, fulfillment personnel, as well as a US Headquarters in New York City, making Barney Bed USA a US company as well!

We’re proud to operate in the United States and share with you Australia’s #1 Luxury Dog Brand and the Largest Dog Bed In The World!

Do you have any other products besides dog beds?

Yes! Our beloved Barney has inspired many products such as the Potty Plant and the Furfy.


What payment methods can I use to pay for my order?

You can use any of the following payment methods to pay for your order: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Afterpay, Apple Pay and Google Pay

Do you have Afterpay or Klarna?

Yes, we do!