Care & Washing

We designed the Barney Bed with practicality in mind. Let’s face it, hygiene is not high on our dog’s list of priorities so we created a bed that is easy to wash. Simply zip off and machine wash. Watch our guide for further help.

  • Washing

    1. Unzip base and remove the mattress.
    2. Flip the black base material leaving the brown inner lining exposed.
    3. Unzip chin rest inner zipper and remove chin rest bolsters.
    4. Machine wash at low temperature with mild detergent.
    5. Air dry for 2 hours inside out. Do NOT tumble dry.

  • Reassembly

    1. Once dry lay out the bolsters. The curve faces the floor and the shortest edge. facing the middle of the bed.
    2. The 45 degree angle sides should fit with the flat side up.
    3. Flip the black base back over the brown inner lining.
    4. Ensure the memory foam layer shown here is facing the brown lining.
    5. Zip up the base section and tuck zipper handle inside safety hood.